October 29, 2013

Lovely Repeat Trip "Mount Berembun"

Alhamdulillah i've done my 3rd trip at the same mountain. The trip was so wonderful as always. I'm very fond of it's fabulous river. Special thanks goes to my hubby for his willingness to be my FOC porter so that i just got very small rucksack and less tired.We reached Chemerung at 5a.m from Kota Bharu. Only 3 of us..my hubby and En.Kamal. We started our trekking at half past five. The weather was good and we reached Kem B 2 hours later. We've met other expedition members (USM students) at Kem B that have started trekking earlier that night. Our journey continued at 8a.m to Lansir waterfall. Half past noon we already at Berembun peak and around 2.30 p.m we finally reached a campsite. The students stayed at Lansir campsite while me, hubby, en.kamal and guides stayed at jeram lesung.

one of my fav scene @ Sungai Bangang

take a breath at the peak

 Jeram Lesung before leaving
Lansir campsite..

memorable place for us..

on track rest

we loved mountain

Orchid camp

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