December 7, 2012

luqman photoshoot with his McQueen car

hi readers and's some photos i just wanna share..maybe i'll add some more photos later..actually i'm busy rite now because my "SECRET TASK" not yet completed. huhu its sound weird rite.. no problemo, someday i'll share it ....well dh lama rasenye x photoshoot my little sweeet, lepas hntar jubah konvo and amik gmbr kat uitm s.alam my bro drop both of us kat PKNS to take  a taxi sbb dia busy that day.. so, after havin a lunch kami ke tasik pkns just to relax2..n apelagi aku x lepaskn pluang snap my dear son sweet moments using my niece's canon..aku punye nikon kasi peram dlm laci..sbb berat sgt malas nk bawak..hmm dh lama rasenye tak bermesra2 dgn aqeem mcm ni..soooo, enjoy the photoss!! au revoir!!!!

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